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Ants are a fact of life here in California. They're one of the foundations of our ecosystem, providing food, either directly or indirectly, to just about every creature that lives here. Ants are so common you will likely wind up with an ant infestation at some point. There are some things you can do to prevent it, but ants are stubborn and highly motivated to get into your home.

You might think you don't have to worry about ant infestations because ants are just a nuisance pest. While it is mostly true that ants are nothing but a nuisance, several species of ants in our area can be more serious than that. For instance, some ants destroy property just like termites do. Others can spread several dangerous strains of bacteria. Still, others can sting and have the potential to trigger allergies. This is why you should always take pest control in Sonoma County seriously.

Our Ant Control Process

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Our ant control process consists of multiple steps. The first step is the inspection. When we come to your house to check for an ant infestation, our technicians will walk your property looking for several things.

First, we check to see the species of ants invading your home. Knowing what kind of ants you have can help us determine how we deal with them. We also try to figure out what food sources or other attractants are drawing ants to your property and where they are coming from. Our technicians are experts in tracking ants, even to neighboring properties.

Next, we'll follow the treatment plan we formulated during the inspection. We offer several home pest control and commercial pest control solutions, including multiple bait products such as gel baits and granulars. Ants take these baits back to the colony, where they continue to kill until they eliminate the entire population.

While we have treatments that can kill on contact, the bait works much better because the ants spread it to the colony. It will look sort of like we treated your yard with sugar water. The ants will come looking for it, and then they will disappear, never to be seen again. That's why the bait products are perfect for both indoor and outdoor ant control.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of attractants that can draw ants to your home. Some, like an open cookie jar, are obvious. Others, like plumbing issues or pavement cracks, are more subtle. That's why you should depend on expert help for the most effective ant control. Our experts can help you figure out the conducive conditions that are not as obvious.

Trust Us With All Your Ant Control Needs

If you already have an ant problem, the best thing you can do is contact us here at California Pest Alliance. However, if you don't yet have an ant issue, there are some things you can do to reduce your likelihood of getting one. Just follow these ant prevention tips: 

  • Keep all indoor and outdoor trash cans covered at all times.
  • Store pantry foods in airtight containers to mask smells. 
  • Never leave any foods, including pet foods, sitting out.
  • Vacuum and wipe surfaces frequently to get rid of crumbs that ants could feed on.
  • Fix moisture problems like leaky pipes and poor drainage. 
  • Seal cracks and holes in your home's exterior. 
  • Make sure all window screens fit well and doorframes have adequate weatherstripping. 

Taking measures to make your home less attractive to ants can help reduce your chances of winding up with an ant problem in the future. However, if even your best efforts fail, call us here at California Exterminators Alliance or visit our contact page to schedule your ant inspection today.

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