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Comprehensive Pest Control In Asti, CA

Asti is a small community that’s nestled in the heart of California’s Sonoma County. It should then come as no surprise that living in Asti or merely visiting it would allow you access to some of the country’s most renowned wineries. Asti is also within close driving distance to the Lake Asti Recreation Center as well as Cloverdale River Park. But living in the area isn’t without its pest issues, which can include ants, spiders, cockroaches, and much more.

At California Exterminators Alliance, we deliver comprehensive pest control and weed control in Asti, CA to both homeowners and businesses. Keeping your property safe and free from pests has been our top priority since 1938. We are also the state’s first licensed pest control company, so safety is in our DNA. All of our technicians are exceptionally trained and follow Integrated Pest Management methods. We customize all of the services that we provide and aim to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. For more information on our services and to receive your no-cost estimate, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Asti

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At California Exterminators Alliance, we are committed to creating pest-free homes for Asti’s residents. We are a locally owned business that has been operating since 1938. All of our services are designed to safeguard the well-being of everyone in your household while creating minimal environmental impacts. Our expert technicians abide by Integrated Pest Management methods in order to do so.

Some of the services that we might provide during our general pest control visits include treating eaves, doorwards, and perimeters. We usually recommend at least quarterly maintenance in order to stay ahead of future pest problems. To learn more about our residential pest control services in Asti, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Asti

When it comes to keeping your Asti business pest-free, don’t leave the results to chance. At California Exterminators Alliance, we are your trusted source for customized pest control solutions. Our company has been servicing local businesses since 1938 and we are proud to be the state’s first licensed pest control company. In addition to the high-quality services we provide, we are dedicated to educating our customers on how they can reduce pest attraction between visits.

When we first visit your property, we’ll perform a detailed inspection in order to better understand the way that pests are interacting with your property and identify active issues. We’ll also take note of potential problems and share the findings with you. Once we have a plan of action, we can move into the treatment and maintenance phases. For more information on our commercial pest control services in Asti, please call us today.

How To Prevent Ants Getting Into Your Asti Home

If you’re looking to keep ants out of your Asti home, you’re not alone. These are some of the most common pests in the area, but there are steps that you can take to limit your exposure to ants.

Some ways include:

  • Look for entry points: Ants can fit through a variety of access points, so look around your foundation and fill crevices with caulk. You may also want to repair worn window screens and affix weatherstripping to doors and windows that could benefit from a snugger fit. 
  • Be conscientious about sweets: Sugary substances are very appealing to ants, so clean up sweet spills quickly, even if that means hand soap or shampoo. You’ll also want to rinse out jars and cans before disposing of them. 
  • Look for moisture issues: Never ignore a leaky pipe or faucet and try to stay ahead of other moisture concerns by avoiding condensation build-up and cleaning out gutters.
  • Hire a pro: For reliable protection from ants throughout the year, consider partnering with a pest control expert.

For more information on ant control services in Asti, call California Exterminators Alliance today.

What Asti Homeowners Need To Know About Cockroaches

Asti homeowners ought to be prepared to encounter cockroaches throughout the year. Because these are such prevalent pests, here are a few things that are important to note:

  • They spread health risks: Perhaps the most serious issue that’s associated with cockroaches is the health risks that they can bring into your home. Some of them include E. coli, streptococcus, and staphylococcus infections, as well as giardia, listeriosis, and gastroenteritis. These issues usually spread through cockroaches' feces, saliva, and body parts. 
  • There are many ways they can enter homes: Roaches are crafty and can get inside via openings around a home, inside shipped packages, and through sewer systems. 
  • Property damage is a possibility, too: These pests eat almost everything, which can lead them to eat away at leather, paper, and fabrics.  
  • Cockroaches can be very difficult to eliminate: The German cockroach is the most difficult species to eliminate given their growing immunity to many treatments. Other species are hard to get rid of because they can produce around six generations in a year, they hide from people, and they are hard to crush because of their sturdy exteriors. 

For more information on reliable cockroach control in Asti, call California Exterminators Alliance today.

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