The Best Way To A Weed-Free Sonoma County Property

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Common Types Of Weeds Found On Sonoma County Properties

There are countless species of weeds here in Sonoma County. Some are large and ugly, others do not look that bad but cause serious problems to healthy plants nearby. Some types you may have heard about are chickweeds, prickly lettuce, thistle, hemlock, foxtails, and burclover. Now, we are not asking you to learn the names of weeds and how to identify them around your home. That is our job. What we do ask is that you let us pay your property a visit. We would be happy to explain what weeds are causing the most trouble in your yard and offer some solutions to get rid of them ASAP. 

Weeds Steal The Nutrients From Your Soil

You already know that weeds are terrible to look at. What you might not know is why these invasive plants are a problem here in Sonoma County. The truth is, weeds steal valuable nutrients and moisture from other local plant growth. Providing your yard with the nutrients and moisture it needs to thrive is hard enough, especially here in California where droughts are common. If you allow weeds to grow throughout your property, they will slowly choke the life out of healthy grass and ornamental plants such as flowers. This is something we would like to help you avoid. Before we talk more about professional weed control in Sonoma County, let's discuss some methods for controlling weeds in your yard that are stressful and time-consuming.

Pulling Weeds By Hand Can Be Stressful And Time-Consuming

We have all heard of the act of pulling weeds. For some, this is a punishment they went through in childhood. If this is the case for you, you will be happy to know that pulling weeds is by no means the best way to handle these invasive plants. In fact, doing this is mostly just stressful and can lead to the spread of weeds throughout your yard through unintentional seeding. To make sure these destructive plants go away and stay away, you need some form of professional weed control. 

The Hassle-Free Way To A Weed-Free Property

There is always an easy path in life. The easy path when it comes to weed control for your property involves hiring our team of home pest control professionals. Let us visit your property to find out what invasive species you are dealing with and offer some options to get you on a path to a beautiful and vibrant property. We want your landscaping to be the talk of the town--in a good way.

Contact our team at California Exterminators Alliance to learn more about our advanced weed control offerings and discover just how nice it is to have a professional take care of all of your weed control needs.

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