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It can be scary to think about pests slipping inside your property, biting you and your loved ones and laying eggs in the dark corners you can’t easily check. But while it’s uncomfortable to think about, reliable pest control is important. 

Keeping pests out and quickly driving away infestations saves you from the property damage and health impacts that pests can cause. That’s why California Exterminators Alliance helps local property owners with all kinds of pests and other issues that impact their homes and businesses. 

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Residential Pest Control In Kelseyville

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For many homeowners, pests are a concern that they don’t really have much time to address. Sure, you can work hard to keep your home clean and clutter-free, but pests can still be attracted to our properties and create openings that they use to slip inside. 

Keeping up on that year-round is a tall order for homeowners who have work and families to look after, too. That’s where experts come in to make the process easier and more manageable, with knowledge of all kinds of invasive pests. 

Here’s why residents should turn to California Exterminators Alliance for home pest control in Kelseyville:

  • Comprehensive service: Whether you need protection against specific pests or broad general pest control against all kinds of invasive pests, we have service packages to meet your needs. 

  • Environmentally friendly: We utilize an Integrated Pest Management approach, which favors environmental controls over the use of pesticides. Whatever treatments we use to tackle your home pest problem are guaranteed to be safe. 

  • Free quotes: We’re happy to provide a free estimate of our services over the phone, and we always touch base with the homeowner directly about what services we think will work best for their property. 

While we can certainly tackle pest problems that have already formed, the best time to call pest control professionals is before an infestation can establish itself inside your home. Turn to California Exterminators Alliance to get comprehensive pest control that keeps your family safe. Contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Kelseyville

The number of different businesses and types of properties that can be found in a single community is staggering to think about. From food service properties and grocery stores to hotels and medical offices, there are all kinds of local properties that can be at risk for pest infestations. Pests are attracted to human activity because scavenging species know that where there are people, there is also food, water, and shelter nearby. Commercial properties offer them more space and more byproducts to feed off. 

This is why every small business owner should consider partnering with pest control experts to keep their property protected. California Exterminators Alliance provides comprehensive pest control and ongoing protection for all kinds of businesses. 

Contact us today to get started on commercial pest control in Kelseyville that saves you money and keeps your business thriving.

Why Kelseyville Needs Professional Weed Control To Thrive

While we pride ourselves on providing superior pest control, California Exterminators Alliance also specializes in other services that protect your property from invading species. Not all problematic organisms are pests, after all, as plant weeds can also pose problems for your property’s appeal and livability. 

Here’s why you should turn to California Exterminators Alliance for weed control in Kelseyville

  • No hassle: Getting rid of weeds can be back-breaking work, and preventing them requires a perfect eye for timing and details. Calling on weed control experts ensures you don’t have to worry. 

  • Healthy yards: Your grass and other plants grow better when they don’t have invasive weeds encroaching on their soils and water supplies. 

  • Healthy homes: Some weeds, like poison oak, can pose health risks to you and your loved ones if they manage to spread to your yard. Keeping weeds from growing with help from a lawn care professional ensures you never have to deal with itchy surprises. 

Learn more about how California Exterminators Alliance helps your Kelseyville yard thrive by contacting us today.

Mistakes Kelseyville Homeowners Make To Invite Ants Inside

Ants are the kind of pest that easily slip inside local homes. As tiny bugs, they can fit through tiny access points that other pests cannot, and they are drawn to properties by the food and moisture that can be found in any home. 

While every home is at some level of risk, some properties are more attractive to pests than others. Homes with cracks and holes that form around their exterior walls and foundations can allow pests like ants to slip inside. Yards with ideal soil can also be attractive for colonizing ants to form tunnels in and establish a foothold on a property. 

Partnering with experts for ant pest control services helps you avoid making these mistakes or getting too caught up with other aspects of life to notice them. California Exterminators Alliance is your local resource for ant control in Kelseyville, so contact us right away to get started on an inspection and treatment plan.

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