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Keep Rats, Mice, And Other Rodents Out Of Your California House

California is no stranger to rampant rodent activity. Here in Sonoma County, Lake County, Napa County, & Mendocino County, CA, house mice, Norway rats, and similar species infest hundreds of properties every year. Four of California’s largest cities rank in the top 50 most rat-infested cities in America, with more and more outbreaks occurring every year.

If you know or suspect that a rodent infestation has manifested near your home, you can turn to the seasoned professionals at California Exterminators Alliance to get the problem under control. We understand how stressful it can be to resolve a current rodent infestation and offer cutting-edge services and highly advanced products to eliminate threats without putting your loved ones at risk. For us, it’s about protecting your home for months and years into the future — not just temporarily removing rodents only for them to come back again.

Find lasting protection from rodents or get ahead of the curve with sustainable pest control services in Sonoma County, Lake County, Napa County, & Mendocino County, CA. Call today for your 100% free quote, or submit an online contact form with any and all questions.

Our Rodent Exclusion Process

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California Exterminators Alliance believes exclusion is key to a rodent-free property. We have a team of experts who can come to your home or business and build exclusion systems that stop rodents in their tracks.

We follow a multi-step process to do this effectively:

  1. First, we perform a fee-based inspection to provide a custom quote for all exclusion work. Your technician may look for signs of mice and signs of rat activity, as well as entry points from the exterior and interior of your home or business. Grease rubbing trails, droppings, and signs of gnawing activity are immediately evident to our trained technicians.
  2. Rodent exclusion experts from California Exterminators Alliance are well-versed in rodents and their wily ways. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills you need to keep many species of rodents away from your home. First, we may suggest protection for door thresholds, basement vents, and crawlspace access points. Then, we can work to seal holes around interior pipes that may be letting rodents crawl inside.
  3. We use a comprehensive materials list to ensure the best possible outcomes for customers. We use hardware cloth, steel wool, lumber, vent covers, spray foam, and customized door thresholds, as well as many other materials, to get the job done right.

Let the professionals at California Exterminators Alliance create a rodent exclusion system to restore your peace of mind. Feel free to submit an online contact form to book an inspection today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from our rodent exclusion service, California Exterminators Alliance offers four separate types of rodent control services: comprehensive, multi-visit, ongoing, and restaurant sanitation. During our multi-visit program, you can expect us to visit the property at least four times to eliminate and remove rodents. In our ongoing services, we return to your property to replace and replenish bait stations on a regularly recurring basis. You’re welcome to learn more about how we get rid of rodents by calling our office today.

Stop Treating Rodents. Start Excluding Them Instead.

Some pest control companies choose to focus on rodent control rather than exclusion. They may be more interested in removing current activity or simply providing tips and tricks for prevention in the future. However, California Exterminators Alliance wants to go a step further with comprehensive rodent exclusion services in Sonoma County, Lake County, Napa County, and Mendocino County, CA. Not only can we treat against rats, mice, and other rodents, but we can set up an exclusion system that keeps them from coming back. You always have access to expert advice, and our technicians can freely share their thoughts with you. All you have to do is pick up the phone to set up an inspection for your property today.

Call now to get home pest control and commercial pest control in Sonoma County, Lake County, Napa County, and Mendocino County, CA.

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