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Windsor is an eclectic town nestled in the heart of Sonoma County. There are bike paths where people can enjoy the outdoors, themed bakeries, golf clubs, and modest, suburban-style neighborhoods. Windsor is also surrounded by some of the area’s most reputable wineries, so it’s no surprise that the town sees many visitors and many of its residents work in the industry. There are seasonal conditions, however, that lend themselves toward certain pest problems, such as mosquitoes and termites. But you don’t have to worry about dealing with these pests on your own.

At California Exterminators Alliance, we keep our community safe with reliable pest control in Windsor. Our company was established in 1938 and has been providing top-quality services since then. We are state-licensed and QualityPro-certified, so each of our technicians is fully equipped to handle whatever pest problems you may encounter. For more information on our services and to request your free estimate, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Windsor

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Pests can find themselves in your Windsor home very easily, and when that happens, you’ll need a helping hand. At California Exterminators Alliance, we are the area’s experts in pest control. Our company has been at it since 1938, and in the time since, we’ve never stopped working in our customers’ best interests. We are a state-licensed and QualityPro-certified business that follows meticulous quality standards. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from a team of expert technicians who are professional and helpful.

Our services are informed by Integrated Pest Management, and we work to understand the why behind this methodology. We start with a detailed home inspection that includes looking for active pests, conducive conditions, and entry points. Some of the areas we may treat include baseboards, eaves, doors, windows, and perimeters. In order to keep pests away long-term, we suggest quarterly follow-ups. We also provide specialized treatments for termites, rodents, and mosquitoes. For more information on our residential pest control services, please call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Windsor

At California Exterminators Alliance, we are the trusted pest control company that you turn to when you want a reliable way to address the pests that loiter around your business. We have been providing these services since 1938 and are dedicated to success to this day. Our company is QualityPro-certified, state-licensed, and follows Integrated Pest Management methods, all to your benefit.

Each service that we provide is designed to build lasting relief for your business. Our experienced technicians start with complete property assessments to achieve a few things. We’re looking for pest activity, areas that could be a potential issue, and entry points that pests use. We’ll then use that information in order to provide you with the exact treatments that you need. In addition to the quality applications that we make, we will also provide your team with the necessary information on preventative steps you can take. We usually suggest follow-up services for continued protection. For more information on commercial pest control, call us today.

Eradicate Weeds In Your Garden In Windsor

When it comes to getting rid of the weeds around your Windsor property, the most reliable way to address them is with professional services. At California Exterminators Alliance, we’ve been working with the local community since 1938. We are also licensed and have our QualityPro certification. Our weed service is an annual program.

In order to determine your needs and craft a tailored treatment plan, we’ll perform a comprehensive property inspection. We’ll check for weeds such as star thistle, horsehead, and burr clover. After this inspection, we present you with a detailed map of all of the weeds around your property. We’ll use it as a guideline for the following services. We opt for a spray treatment that activates with rain, and we follow it up with a secondary treatment to ensure complete removal. For more information on weed control, call us today.

The Most Effective Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Windsor Home

The ants that try to get into your Windsor home do so in their search for sweet substances and moisture sources. This means that things like soap build-up in the shower, an accumulation of trash, and leaky pipes can lead to ant trails in your kitchen. Due to their small size, ants often have a very easy time entering your home through cracks in your foundation and gaps around doors and windows.

At California Exterminators Alliance, we help homeowners win the battle over ants with our routine residential pest control. We combine in-depth property inspections with tailored treatments in order to eliminate ants and keep them from coming back. Our services are informed by Integrated Pest Management methods, can utilize eco-friendly products, and also incorporate prevention education. We may provide treatments to eaves, baseboards, ceilings, and doorways. And to further your protection from these invaders, we typically recommend quarterly visits. For more information on ant control, please call us today.

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